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In 2010 Mitronic will celebrate its 27th anniversary. The company was established in 1982 in Warsaw, 7 years before the peace revolution in Central and Eastern Europe. Ever since its establishment it has been a private company, which at the time of real communism required a lot of determination. Initially we were involved in the production of printed circuit boards. When communism fell and the Polish market opened to the world, our situation, instead of improving, deteriorated. Most of our customers, mainly large state-owned factories of television sets, tape recorders etc., went bankrupt in the first three years of free market. In years of prosperity they had an unlimited sale market but in the new reality they failed to meet the competition and could not beat the cheap products from the Far East that flooded the Polish market. The few companies that managed to stay on the market are still our customers. This situation has forced us to look for new markets. We turned to industrial electronics, and started to manufacture control equipment for mining machinery factories and factories specializing in power distribution equipment. We have many customers in advertising industry in Poland and Western Europe.
Mitronic continues to maintain good cooperation links with friendly companies located in Eastern Poland and Ukraine.