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Electronic Assembly

We provide complete services in industrial electronics - manufacture of printed circuit circuits , electronic assembly (of printed boards and wiring of complete systems) and testing. This combination of many services enables us to reduce costs and shorten production preparation time.
We specialize in products, which require a considerable input of manual work. This helps us to optimally use the differences in labour costs between Poland and Western Europe.
Our offer is addressed to customers requiring medium quantities weekly, monthly or quarterly. Batches from 500 per month to 5,000 per month can be easily handled.
We offer full materials management, including component sourcing and supply chain management. The components we provide are made by all leading manufacturers of active, passive, electrical and mechanical components.
In many cases we suggest their cheaper East - European counterparts (e.g. induction components; capacitors). Most of them are CE, VDE- or UL-certified.
Buffer stock of components can be held on site for back up or where your requirements exceed projection.

Redesign and upgrade of old electronic designs

  • We are able to assist with engineering changes in existing electronic and mechanical designs. We are experienced in the reconstruction of products on the basis of a product sample or documentation provided.

  • Modifications to existing PCB's and repairs are undertaken.

  • We can consider older designs and advise on suitable upgrade paths to remove obsolete components and in this way reduce production costs (old parts are not only difficult to find but usually more expensive).
  • See Design Team

Key services provided:

Assembly of electronic equipment.

Wave soldering.

Hand soldering

Electrical Panels & Enclosures

Mechanical assembly. Chassis Wiring Material procurement & supply chain management

Spares Stocking.

Kitting Service

Repair and return.

Testing services

Mixed SMT surface mount & through hole technology

Cables, harnesses and looms.

Electromechanical Assembly Services

Sheet Metalwork - Enclosures

Mechanical Assembly and Wiring

PCB assembly, wiring and cable assembly, electro - mechanical assembly

100% inspection and testing