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Harnesses & Cords


For more than 27 years, Mitronic has been a high quality source of custom design , wire leads, electronic cable assemblies, and wire harnesses .
We have experience in cutting and stripping, forming, tinning and soldering a wide variety of wires, from single conductor to multiple conductors.
Our customers represent a broad spectrum of industries: coal mine machines industry, medical equipment, scientific instrumentation, communications equipment, heating and control manufacturers. We use only the best quality wire for all our harnesses and leads (HELUKABEL, LAPP Kabel and many other). Each harness is patterned from an original, and is custom built to your order.

Cable and harness assembly are all predominantly hand operations performed by a group of skilled people who have a large range of cable preparation equipment, terminal crimp tools and mechanical assembly aids available for their use.


  • Wire harness assemblies with or without terminals or connectors

  • Switch Assemblies

  • Power Supply Harnesses and Cords

  • Contract Assembly - Electrical, mechanical and combination of both

  • Industrial Wiring Harnesses & Connector Assemblies

  • Custom Design Cables & Wiring Harnesses

  • Panel Assembly

  • Junction Box Assemblies

  • Cutting and stripping

  • Tinning & Soldering

  • Assemblies for Appliance and Consumer Electronics Industries

  • Full service assembly, from component sourcing through customer    specified test procedures

  • Wire Identification (marking and labeling)

  • Multi-Lead Harness Production and Assembly

Testing and Quality Services

  • Our rigid Quality Control Standards ensure that the harness you receive will look, fit and function as original.
  • Hand held and bench type computerized circuit testers - Used to ensure that the completed harnesses are functional before shipping from our facility.

  • Electrical continuity testing to verify function

  • Complete inspection & electronic test


Mitronic is equipped with wire processing machines and an excellent skilled labor force. Some of our manufacturing equipment includes:

  • Many of terminal press dies
  • Komax wire & cable processing machines - automatically cuts and strips wire to exact measurements to ensure job conformity
  • Rivet applicators
  • Electric tools, presses and dispensers